All hotplate models are compatible with the Stuart® SCT1 temperature controller. In conjunction with your Undergrad hotplate the SCT1 ensures accurate temperature control of aqueous or oil based samples, up to a maximum of 200ºC. The units automatically detect when the SCT1 temperature controller is plugged in.

• Accurate liquid temperature control

• Built in retort fitting and probe holder
• Detachable temperature probe
• Bright, easy to read LED display
• Compact and light weight
• Comprehensive range of accessories
Providing reassurance that the temperature of the sample is precisely controlled at all times. A range of accessories is also available to allow for a complete set up of controller, temperature probe and stirrer hotplate. Accessory probe holder - clamps on to retort rod to allow secure positioning of the temperature probe in the sample.
Accessory retort rod - screws in to the rear of both ceramic and metal top stirrer hotplates. A PTFE probe is also available for those applications requiring a chemically resistant probe.