All hotplate models in the Undergrad range feature a true ºC temperature setting, rather than a 1 to 10 arbitrary scale. The LED temperature indicator surrounds the heater control knob and progressively illuminates to indicate the actual surface temperature. This not only provides a bright, obvious indication that the unit is hot, which can be seen from across the room, but also clearly differentiates the heat and stir controls.

All hotplate models feature a “Hot” warning light, which will flash once the hotplate surface reaches 50ºC. The “Hot” light will continue to flash even once the unit has been switched off and unplugged from the mains, until the surface temperature drops below 50ºC.

The entire range of hotplate stirrers feature an integral fitting for a retort rod, but the units are also uniquely designed to allow a retort base to slide underneath, saving valuable time where numerous units need to be set up, for example in an educational environment.