A choice of surfaces

The hotplates and hotplate stirrers come with a choice of surfaces; available in a choice of ceramic or coated metal tops, all surfaces are square to allow more flexibility in vessel sizes and combinations, for example four 250ml beakers can easily be accommodated.


Glass ceramic for excellent chemical resistance. The surface is easy to clean and the thermal properties allow very high plate temperatures, while ensuring the edges stay cooler, reducing the chance of accidental burns. The white surface ensures good visibility of colour changes, for example during titrations. Ceramic coated Aluminium/silicon alloy for robustness. The top plate has a thin ceramic coating for added chemical resistance. A 700W element gives rapid heating and ensures even temperature distribution across the whole surface of the plate. Robust Stainless steel (US151 only), for accurate stirring. This surface won’t produce eddy currents like aluminium and ensure a very powerful coupling and stirring action on our dedicated stirrers.